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About Us

A publication called “Trade Asia” was established from “Asia Economic Newspaper.”
“Asia Newspaper” was the highest-circulation and most effective economic newspaper in the country from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, published under the editorship of Iraj Jamshidi.
Iran’s first business journal was founded in the early 1970s by Iraj Jamshidi. As a result of his inventions and actions during those years, prosperous periodicals like “Asia” offered economic news and insights.
However, in 2018, Ali Jamshidi established and launched the “Trade Asia” journal.

Ali Jamshidi had 18 years of executive management experience with the successful and acclaimed newspaper “Asia”, which, in order to expand its media activities, published “Trade Asia” magazine for managers and entrepreneurs of the country, focusing on management, marketing, and sales concepts.

The “Trade Asia” website concentrated on news, analysis, critique, and education in a range of business domains at the same time.

Over the past two decades, many small and large brands, private and government companies, have facilitated their path to success through this high-circulation and highly engaging medium, achieving remarkable results through advertising tools on these platforms.

“Golden Failures,” a video-focused program created and published by Ali Jamshidi in 2018, attracted a sizable following on Aparat, YouTube, and Instagram.

The narrative of self-made success in “Golden Failures” is well-liked by the general public as well as the community of managers and business owners because of its thought-provoking questions, inspirational and educational content, and sharing of past generations’ experiences.
On the verge of 2024, “Trade Asia” is now starting a new phase of its operations.
In this new phase, “Trade Asia” functions as the first print and digital worldwide media outlet, concentrating on business, lifestyle, and personal growth in both Persian and English.
“Trade Asia” will soon have representatives and correspondents in major cities around the world.
In addition to the mission of disseminating exclusive news, another primary goal of the “Trade Asia” group is to provide innovative solutions for planning, launching, managing, and developing successful businesses inside and outside the country, which will soon become a strong network of Iranian traders and economic activists worldwide.
Some of the ancillary services of the “Trade Asia” group are as follows:
Asia Solutions – Another activity of “Trade Asia” is to provide consulting services, prepare and formulate business strategies, and outline roadmaps and execute advertising campaigns.
“Trade Asia,” with its specialized team of experienced professors and creative youth in various business fields, is ready to provide innovative services tailored to today’s business world to capital owners.

Generating ideas, market research, advertising planning and branding, marketing and sales, human resource training, and all services provided in this department.
“Trade Asia” is the result of over 20 years of experience and activity in various economic fields, with its main goal being the development of entrepreneurship culture, positive thinking, and the promotion of individual knowledge and skills, as well as the advancement and development of small and large businesses.
Studio Asia – Due to the changing media landscape and businesses’ approach to the online space, there was a significant need for producing audiovisual content. Therefore, the “Trade Asia” group established a fully equipped photo and film studio in 2021.
Asia Studio provides a range of services including the production of advertising teasers, educational videos, industrial and advertising photography projects, social media management, and coverage of diverse events and ceremonies.
Asia Real Estate – Commencing operations in Tehran in 2020, Asia Real Estate Group is now actively involved in real estate transactions in the northern region of Iran, Istanbul, and Dubai.