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The UAE’s economy is growing rapidly and creating new jobs opportunities in different sectors for local as well as global talent.

He added,  “Overall, this quarter shows healthier dynamics when compared to Q2 of the previous year, with expectations for continued expansion.”

About the major changes in the UAE job market, Ataya explained, “The UAE job market is dynamic, with significant growth in real estate and a booming marketing sector appealing to fresh graduates, national talent, and female professionals.”

He added, “The Emiratisation movement is reshaping the market by encouraging the hiring of Emirati nationals in the private sector. Most job openings are for executive and entry-level positions, with an emerging focus on higher-level opportunities for UAE nationals. Employers highly seek sales roles, requiring professional skills, cultural understanding, and bilingualism in Arabic and English.”

Highlighting the major sectors which offer job opportunities to fresh graduates, Ataya said, “Private sector companies, especially in retail, commerce, and business consultancy, are eagerly recruiting new talent to infuse innovation into their operations. Public sector opportunities are particularly strong in the oil and gas industry, where fresh graduates are being prepared to support and sustain its critical role in the economy.”

Discussing the highest in-demand job sectors, he  explained, “Sales, marketing, technology, healthcare, construction, and engineering roles are currently in high demand in the UAE job market. Companies seek skilled sales executives and managers to drive growth, while marketing professionals, especially in digital marketing, are needed to boost brand engagement.”

He added, “Technology sectors are on the lookout for experts in AI, cybersecurity, data science, and software development. The healthcare sector demands more medical professionals due to infrastructure expansion and service enhancements. In construction and engineering, ongoing urban development projects are creating opportunities for civil engineers, project managers, and architects as the UAE prepares for future events.”

About the growth of part-time jobs in the UAE, Rabea Ataya said, “This growth is driven by several factors, including the desire for better work-life balance, the rise of the gig economy, and changes in workplace dynamics accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sectors such as retail, hospitality, and services are particularly seeing a boost in part-time job openings as businesses adjust to fluctuating demand and seek to optimize operational costs. Additionally, the technology sector is embracing part-time roles, allowing professionals to work on project-based assignments or as freelancers.”

Explaining the perception of digital roles stagnation in private sector, he said, “The perception of stagnation in digital roles within the private sector may stem from several factors. Firstly, rapid technological advancements mean that the demand for highly specialized skills is evolving faster than the supply. Companies often seek candidates with cutting-edge skills, which are not always readily available in the current workforce.”

He added, “Additionally, while there is a high influx of fresh graduates and new entrants into the job market, the specific requirements of digital roles—such as expertise in AI, machine learning, and advanced data analytics—may not yet be met by the existing educational frameworks at scale.”

About’s role in uplifting the job market, he revealed, “ In 2024, has significantly advanced our technology to enhance the UAE job market. We’ve employed AI systems to parse and analyze large volumes of data, including candidates’ CVs and digital profiles. Our machine learning models adapt continuously, improving the recruitment strategies and the match quality between candidates and positions.”

About the growth of in 2023 and expectations for the current year,  Ataya concluded, “ In 2023, experienced substantial growth, with more than 2.5 million new professionals registering on our platform. We also welcomed nearly 23,000 new companies looking to recruit through our services. Through these connections, we successfully facilitated employment for approximately 1.2 million job seekers, matching them with suitable roles across various industries. Looking ahead to this year, we anticipate these numbers to increase further.”

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