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The 10 Best Companies to Invest in Now

Investors have endured a lot of stock market volatility during the past few years. Given ongoing uncertainty about interest rates and the economy, investors may be wondering which stocks to buy now against this backdrop.

Regardless of where interest rates and the economy are headed, investors may want to own companies that offer some sense of certainty in terms of cash flows and company fundamentals. That’s where Morningstar’s Best Companies to Own list comes in. The companies that make up this list have significant competitive advantages. We believe the best companies have predictable cash flows and are run by management teams that have a history of making smart capital-allocation decisions.

But the best companies aren’t always the best stocks to buy. How much an investor pays to own a company—best or otherwise—is important, too. So, here we’re focusing on the 10 best companies with the most undervalued stock prices today.

  1. Yum China YUMC
  2. Roche Holding RHHBY
  3. Polaris PII
  4. British American Tobacco BTI
  5. Pfizer PFE
  6. Imperial Brands IMBBY
  7. Ambev ABEV
  8. Rentokil Initial RTO
  9. Anheuser-Busch InBev BUD
  10. Gilead Sciences GILD
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