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Apple discloses new generative AI plans

Apple is reportedly going to use data centres with its own specially developed CPUs to carry out new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies this year.

This tactic is a part of Apple’s larger attempt to include AI in its range of products.

Gadgets360 reported that the tech giant plans to conduct more complex AI jobs on computers like iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but simpler activities will be handled by high-performance CPUs installed in its cloud computing servers.

This strategy fits with Apple’s goals for generative AI, an area in which it lags behind rivals. Apple has accelerated its own endeavours as a result of the AI boom generated by the same technology that powers applications like ChatGPT.

On June 10, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, the business is anticipated to present its comprehensive AI plan.

It is said that Apple’s cloud-based AI operations will use its M2 Ultra CPUs, which made their debut in the Mac Pro and Mac Studio, at first, and then the M4 chip in later versions.

This indicates a new approach away from Apple’s customary focus on processing data on-device and towards more sophisticated AI activities requiring cloud computing.

Furthermore, the paper emphasises that while device-based processors will handle simpler jobs like summarising missed iPhone alerts, these cloud-based AI capabilities will allow features like producing lengthy email responses and summarising news articles.

This autumn, Apple’s AI-driven services, which attempt to strike a balance between customer privacy and potent AI functionality, will launch with iOS 18. The business is sure that data security can be maintained with its Secure Enclave strategy.

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