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The necessity of Branding in Shopping Malls

Do you think shopping centers need branding and marketing?
In your opinion, branding of shopping complexes has only a promotional aspect?
In which countries do you imagine the biggest shopping centers in the world?
Have you read about The Dubai Mall recently? How many visitors do you think Dubai Mall has per ayear?
Nowadays, With the expansion of brands and buying products, the number of Malls are also increasing.
Every year, a lot of Malls are added in the world and most of them are from America, Europe, China and Dubai.
Dubai has made significant progress over the last few years, and a large part of this progress is due to the construction of modern shopping centers, including Dubai Mall, where 105 million people visit more than 1,200 stores that include 150 luxury brands in Dubai Mall every year.
Also Dubai plans to increase the number of visitors to Dubai Mall to 1 billion people ayear. To increase the number of visitors and increase the global reputation of the malls, branding is one of the most important options that is integrated with advertising and marketing.
Name and logo are the first step to branding a Shopping Malls , which creates their identity.
The name of the shopping centers has an effect on creating a feeling.
Here are some suggestions for better branding in Shopping Malls:
• Social media are effective in informing complex events, creating more interaction with followers and customers, and also increasing awareness of the shopping complex.
• Holding celebrations and events on various occasions leads to an increase in the number of visitors, which will eventually increase the number of complex customers.
• Creating a professional image of complex employees in the minds of customers is not ineffective.
• Paying attention to the decorations and beauty of the complex, as well as paying attention to the signs that are installed on the walls, also increases the visual attention of visitors, which leads to an increase in satisfaction, sales and loyalty.
Advertising in shopping centers also helps to advance branding goals.
Also because of the following factors, mall advertising is extremely effective:
• Billboards, mall banner advertisements, and posters with creative designs pique people›s interest and increase the mall›s attraction.
• Individuals from all walks of life and industries visit malls; therefore, a mall branding project provides you with access to people of all ages and occupations.
Promotional events or live demos allow you to host an interactive session with mall visitors, giving them hands-on experience with the product or service you›re promoting.
Finally, Shopping Malls needs marketing and advertising besides branding.
Marketing can Increasing the satisfaction of business units and attracting more famous brands and stores without giving special privileges. Also Increasing the prosperity of stores it’s the effect of running marketing in Shopping Malls.

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