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UAE: Many Indians are flying to Dubai to buy gold this week; here’s why

Many Indian tourists schedule their trips to Dubai just in time for the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious day for buying gold according to India’s cultural and religious traditions.

India will celebrate Akshaya Tritiya on May 10, with many Indian tourists travelling to Dubai to shop for gold.

“Yes. Some people do travel to Dubai from India for gold shopping, especially during festivals like Akshaya Tritiya, as Dubai is known for its gold markets and competitive prices,” said Anuraag Sinha, managing director of Liali Jewellery.

“Additionally, Dubai offers a wide variety of gold jewellery, coins, and bars, making it an attractive destination for gold buyers from India and other countries”.

Praful Dhakan, managing director of PVD Gold, said traditions like Akshaya Tritiya brings people together in pursuit of prosperity and auspiciousness.

“Dubai’s gold market, is generally known for its variety and competitive prices. This factor has definitely made Dubai a promising choice for people to purchase gold. People from India celebrating Akshaya Tritya has also been attracted to the variety of options available here,” said Dhakan.

Ramesh Vora, managing director of Bafleh Jewellers, said that Indian tourists who are visiting Dubai know that there are promotions and offers during Akshaya Tritiya, therefore they align their dates accordingly.

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